Urbanization and increases in income in developing countries are resulting in irreversible changes in diet, which impacts consumption. At the same time, agriculture is seeing an overall increase in productivity of about 0.8% to 1.3% per year.This is spawning a wake-up call in the agrifood industry around the world and agriculture is changing rapidly to address these signals. Malting barley is in a state of change and shifts in world demand, in combination with policy factors and usage trends, are inducing changes in trade patterns and the relative competitiveness among exporting regions and companies.

Malting Industry Statistics

Knowing who, where and how is fundamental information in any industry. The malting industry is no different. In this section, we provide current industry statistical information you need to know.

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Understanding regional and local consumption trends, the capability and activities of competitive forces, and the usage trends and relationship models with brewers is essential for developing a comprehensive malt supply strategy.

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How do we optimize our current malting allocation? How do we get optimal stability & attractiveness on the long-term malt price? Are we the best 'parent' to run our own malting plants most efficiently? Can we be a low cost quality malt producer?

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About 65% of the final malt costs are composed of raw materials. It is therefore essential to optimize all the components of the malting barley supply chain.

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Malting Facilities Process Design

There are two major types of facility layout for malting facilities: horizontal or vertical.The loads on a malting facility are unique and require special attention.Good housekeeping, moisture resistance, cleanability, and dust accumulation prevention are key elements of First Key's sanitary design.

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Malting Operations

First Key audit teams are led by experienced managers who have held senior technical and operations positions in major international malting companies, and who are intimately familiar with the audit and performance standards of the world's leading brewing companies.

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