Digital Media Solutions

“Digital media connects you with your customer, both old
and new”

Unprecedented abilities to connect with, and listen to, your customer have been brought about with
the proliferation of digital technologies. The Internet is often a consumer’s first stop when looking to
find out more about a company, whether it is by plugging a brand into the Google search bar,
following them on Twitter or sharing the company’s page among friends on Facebook to see what
they think. A hasty approach to digital media fails to recognize the power of social media and digital
technologies, and can sometimes do more harm than good.

First Key possesses a unique blend of digital media expertise and brewing industry knowledge that
will ensure digital media is well integrated into your overall marketing efforts. Working with our brand
and marketing experts, we develop and oversee the implementation of digital media strategies that
closely align with your brewery’s vision and identity, across a variety of platforms. We offer à la carte
services as well as full content management.


  • Design, develop and implement a comprehensive website to suit brewery needs, including graphic design
  • Implement an easy-to-use front-end content management system to enable staff to add and update content
  • Conceptualize, manage and deliver innovative digital media concepts

Social Media

  • Creation of a reasoned, brewery-specific social media strategy
  • Setup and implementation of social media accounts, including graphic design and social media dashboard integration

Search & Advertising

  • Search Engine Optimization to ensure brands achieve top search results
  • Google AdWords, Promoted Content, Banner Ads and Search Engine Marketing to drive users to your website

Web Content Management

First Key offers peace of mind through full web content management services. We cover all
web-based platforms and provide detailed reports that keep breweries informed about the health of
their web campaigns.