“The Innovation Challenge… change isn’t easy”

The need for innovation is well accepted, but, for most organisations, building a pipeline of inspirational ideas remains elusive. Experienced senior managers know that they face a combination of deep organisational, subtle cultural and complex political barriers that conspire to sap energy and thwart their best efforts.

Innovation-in Action… a sustainable programme…

The highly structured Innovation-in-Action programme merges the challenge of a race with the nurturing of an apprenticeship in a championship that challenges the organisation to develop the most innovative business ideas.

As the championship progresses, the pipeline of innovative ideas are developed, challenged, tested and selected down to 3 or 4 finalists who must pitch a compelling proposition to a jury of senior managers and industry leaders, explaining why theirs is the most fundable and investable opportunity.

Priming the Champion….building support…

The innovation teams lean heavily on coaches for inspiration, mentors for in-company know-how, tutors for subject matter expertise and champions for resource allocation. These stakeholders’ direct involvement, together with a continuous stream of communications, help generate wide support, excitement and buy-in at all levels in the organization.

Implementing the Champion….focusing on the pitch..

The programme is constructed in modules with defined deliverables, aided by just-in-time mentoring, coaching and tutoring. The focus throughout the championship remains firmly on the team being able to robustly defend their proposition at every stage.

Institutional Benefits…..unstoppable momentum…

Building an innovative company takes time. There are no magic bullets, no easy short cuts, no quick fixes. It takes management commitment to develop to a programme that delivers: positive ROI, reputation for innovation, pipeline of investable ideas, and a “can do” corporate attitude.

Many alternative initiatives start with a burst of energy and senior management enthusiasm, but fail to gain long term traction, overcome internal political barriers, and maintain momentum. They simply fail to deliver. The Innovation-in-Action programme is different. It is a proven suite of “turn key” modules. It builds innovation into the organisation from the “bottom up”; it embeds itself in the lingua franca of the individuals, teams and business units; it provides the infrastructure in which ideas can be collaboratively worked on.

Innovation-in-Action is a multi-year programme that builds year on year to achieve senior management goals, gradually but surely becomes a financially, politically and economically sustainable programme that is an integral part of the organisation’s “fundamental” DNA.

Culture Change… are an innovative driven company

The long-term objective of the competition element of the Innovation-in-Action programme is that it is no longer needed. Individuals within the organization will register ideas, peers will interact, and teams will engage with the development module, without the need for the timeline driven by the competition.