Build a New Brewery

“We bring your new brewing business to life”

At First Key, we understand that a brewery is more than just a building where beer is brewed. A brewery is also a tight-knit group of people with a common purpose. Building a new brewing business is both a technical process (floor plans, process design, equipment selection, product development, installation and start-up) and a commercial process (branding, sales & corporate strategies; human resources & management systems). With First Key’s team-partnering approach we offer a one-stop solution that quickly brings a new brewing business to life. Our services include:


First Key’s technical services cover everything you need to transform your brewery dream into a real functioning brewery. Whether building an entirely new brewery or modifying an existing one, we work closely with you and your local architects and engineers to develop a brewery whose size can meet projected sales volumes and whose layout is designed for optimal material and process flow.

We take care of all brewery equipment (process, packaging, utility and supporting) and supplies (ingredients, packaging materials, and others) selection and procurement, including evaluation of vendor proposals and negotiation of final purchase agreements.

We manage all engineering projects, including all process engineering, utilities engineering and documentation. We work closely with local contractors and trades to oversee construction or renovation of the site, in order to make sure it can sufficiently support and house all brewery systems.

Finally, First Key manages installation, commissioning and start-up of all brewery systems and utilities, and we develop brewery Operations Management Systems to help ensure the highest level of product quality and brewery equipment performance is maintained long after we are gone.


First Key’s commercial services cover all of the non-technical elements needed to get your brewery up and running. We develop customized market-specific business plans and branding, sales and marketing strategies that maximize market visibility, stimulate trial and accelerate growth. First Key also helps with product development, staffing, and Quality Management Systems. Our approach quickly puts a new craft brewery on the path to success.