Business Plan & Feasibility

“Our advice delivers because we merge business sense with technical strength”

By combining targeted marketing strategies based on market research with detailed technical plans and financial modeling, First Key produces fully integrated business plans that have been used time and time again to successfully raise money from private equity firms, commercial banks, development banks and individual investors. Our collaborative approach quickly puts craft breweries on the path to success. There are three core components to First Key business plans:

Market Review

Our market review provides sufficient and appropriate evidence to act as the basis for growth estimates and potential sales volumes. We begin by capturing the context (national and local trends and dynamics, demographics, seasonality and per capita consumption) and regulatory and competitive environment surrounding the brewery (competitive analysis, tax structure, unique market characteristics). Further, the market review develops the brand strategy and looks at pricing, promotion and packaging strategies that account for the subtleties and idiosyncrasies of local market dynamics.

Technical Assessment

The technical assessment takes the types of beer to be produced, sales projections, and client vision into account to determine the critical technical requirements for the new business. We consider the brewery space and structural requirements, utility requirements and needs, projected production variables, annual production capacities, and the brewery equipment and technology necessary to meet the production, packaging and logistical needs. Our detailed report provides a comprehensive analysis of all the technical requirements for the brewery.

Financial Modeling

Financial modeling provides a detailed analysis of the proposed project’s feasibility. It includes an assessment of the amount of capital required for the project, the proposed source and use of these funds, and projected future earnings. We organize these into standardized Income, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow statements and we also provide a host of additional Key Performance Indicators, such as:

  • Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)
  • Margin analysis
  • EBITDA margins, cost per hectoliter / barrel, etc.
  • Investment analysis (return on capital, net present value, payback period, etc.)