Expand your Brewery

“The experience that takes your brewery to the next level”

No matter the scope of your brewery expansion, First Key has the experience and expertise to ensure the transition occurs smoothly with minimal disruption to the daily operation. We provide the required technical and engineering guidance and project management skills to successfully oversee your expansion from beginning to end.


Minimizing the growing pains of an expansion requires good planning. Our planning stage is designed to ensure that your expansion will go smoothly and addresses all of the brewery’s current and future needs. Before our first official site visit, we send out a pre-visit questionnaire that allows us to become acquainted with the facility, its location, layout, equipment, utilities, and current processes within the plant. We then conduct an extensive site visit, where we visually assess the condition, capability and capacity of the existing facility processes and systems. We discuss current and future plans with stakeholders and review any recent or existing capital projects flow sheets, plant layout drawings, equipment specification sheets, and quality and procedure documents.

First Key’s planning stage concludes with an in-depth report that provides a comprehensive facility expansion strategy that covers all aspects of brewery operations and provides the incremental investments, first-order budget cost estimates, and action steps needed to effectively transform the current brewery’s condition into its future “to-be” expanded state. In conjunction with the facility expansion strategy we also identify key areas of improvement observed during the site visit and provide recommended corrective actions.


Based on the findings from the planning stage, First Key develops an engineering plan for the expansion. We review the goals identified in the planning stage and work with suppliers, architects and civil engineers to create customized Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs), Process & Instrument Diagrams (P&IDs), and piping and equipment layout drawings to ensure all elements are taken into account and seamlessly integrated. We also consider the updated packaging and utilities needs for the expanding brewery, and provide a documentation package that is customized to the client’s needs. The documentation package can include the engineering specification sheets, supplier equipment information, PFDs, P&IDs, maintenance manuals and recommended spare parts lists.

Installation & Commissioning

Finally, First Key coordinates and oversees the installation and commissioning of all equipment (both new and retained), sources spare parts, and develops start-up procedures and operating manuals for the brewery. We work closely with vendors, contractors and trades to perform dry and wet tests (including trial brewing & product testing), as well as provide the required performance evaluations to ensure the new brewery systems operate to intended performance specifications, and are ready to reliably take on the challenges of daily operation.