Quality Management

“The future belongs to top quality beers”

QMS is a system for management and assurance of product quality. It provides a statement of “quality policy,” and details procedures and methods by which the policy is to be adhered to. A QMS also sets out quality goals and how they will be achieved. It defines responsibilities for each manufacturing stage and product quality, and it defines actions for what is to be done at each quality-critical manufacturing stage. It lays out a standard systematic method for handling quality issues (e.g. out-of-spec product).

A classic QMS starts with a strategic statement of the company’s quality policy/philosophy. It then outlines the specific procedures and instructions of who does what, when, where and how. This includes instructions on how work is done, sampling plans, reporting format, specifications, recipes, corrective actions, and laboratory analytical methods. These are laid out in a “Technical Manual” for the brewery.

Technical Manual

First Key’s technical manual is a comprehensive knowledge base for all QMS procedures and guidelines. When we produce the technical manual, we consider all variables that can affect product quality, including raw materials sampling and storage, lab analysis and how to resolve non-conforming product issues. We provide in-depth descriptions of processes and policies, develop recording and reporting systems, and educate staff on their specific roles within the Quality Management System, as well as the overall objectives and rationale of the QMS. Finally, the technical manual describes how to assess the effectiveness of the QMS through periodic post-implementation audits.