Financial Services

Global beer markets are integrating, companies are consolidating, and organizations are pursuing new ventures outside of their traditional boundaries. In this kind of environment, a trusted advisor with a balanced, comprehensive and international perspective can be an invaluable resource. Our financial services experience, strong industry knowledge and client base gives us an edge in understanding and solving the business and regulatory issues that our clients face.

We provide leading insights, ideas and thought leadership on major industry issues with our multi-disciplinary approach with deep practical industry knowledge to help clients meet challenges and respond to opportunities. First Key offers a number of services in the key areas of governance, performance and growth. These include:

Due Diligence

First Key offers independent expertise and global industry experience to conduct systematic and detailed due diligence in any area of the brewing and malting business anywhere in the world.

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Give your business valuations the credibility they need to be taken seriously at every turn.

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Fairness Opinions

True independence, financial expertise and deep industry knowledge equals fairness opinions the board can rely upon.

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Strategic Acquisitions

Our M&A experts bring a wealth of experience to every transaction and are tenacious in meeting client objectives.

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Business Planning & Modeling

Of the primary functions of management, planning is the most important. Plan your work and work your plan. Old...but it holds. Let us help you document your plans.

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Business Research

We can help your organization view the competitive landscape more clearly.

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Equipment Valuation

We assess the fair market value and estimated useful life of brewing malting assets for a variety of purposes such as insurance documentation, financial reporting (allocation of acquisition price), price negotiations (purchase or divestiture), income tax planning and property tax disputes.

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Value Creation

Ten to fifteen percent new revenues or profits streams.

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