Business Planning & Modeling

“We produce comprehensive business plans”

Financial models, and investor presentations with two overriding and interrelated goals in mind. The first is to generate market knowledge and strategic and operational insights, ensuring that the venture reaches its full potential. The second is to convey the unique and compelling nature of the business to stakeholders – investors, strategic partners, clients, prospective acquisition candidates, potential acquirers and officers and directors.

We take a comprehensive approach to developing business plans, beginning with an analysis of all aspects of the market opportunity: Gap/Need – Product/Service – Target Market – Competition – Marketing Mix (Promotion, Place, Price & Product)

With a solid understanding of the industry, market opportunity, competition, and performance benchmarks we will develop a realistic marketing, sales and distribution strategy, human resource requirements, production plan with capital investment requirements, and the projected financial results and returns to investors.

We offer a thoughtful outside perspective that can unearth greater growth opportunities and financial performance improvements. The process of developing the business plan with you will:

Plots a course

  • It helps you think long term – about the big picture, not just about starting a business but staying in business.
  • It assists in keeping you motivated.

Feasibility study

  • Is your idea viable?
  • Is your business going to be profitable?
  • Will you require outside financing to start or operate this business?
  • What are your barriers to success?

Become a better decision maker

  • It will help you anticipate problems.
  • Gathering information for your plan will increase your knowledge of the industry thereby assisting you in making more informed decisions.
  • Your plan provides an organized way to conduct your investigation.

Reality Check

  • Your plan raises questions that will help inspire solutions before a crisis occurs.
  • It helps you to know what will be required of you as an entrepreneur.
  • By identifying strengths and weaknesses, it reveals where you will need assistance.

Implementation plan

  • Use the Business Plan as a guide to keep you focused and making progress during the business start up phase.

Selling tool

  • Use the Business Plan to sell your business opportunity to potential investors, employees and suppliers