Strategic Acquisitions

“Clients hire us to help them meet their goals”

Clients hire us with several goals in mind: To maximize net proceeds, ensure transaction closure and achieve the best possible terms with confidentiality, speed and minimal burden on ownership and management. We work tirelessly for you, so you can expend your energy in other productive ways.

Industry leaders are constantly re-evaluating their businesses, examining internal resources and external market conditions with a view to identifying strategic options that will help them achieve their objectives. The outcome often includes identification of potential merger or acquisition opportunities, providing a window of opportunity to fundamentally reposition the business. Corporate development managers need to identify and evaluate quality take-over targets or merger candidates that provide an optimal fit with their strategic plans.

First Key provides Strategic Acquisition Services to help clients gain a competitive advantage by gaining access to new markets, acquiring new brands, customers and distribution channels, or increasing their production capacity and efficiency. We offer a full range of Strategic Acquisition Services tailored to each stage of the acquisition process, including:

Strategy analysis phase – We help you evaluate current and future operations, determine objectives and strategy, set up criteria and deal tactics. We are familiar with the common issues and barriers and provide clear insight in deal structure and restructuring plans.

Target searching phase – Through our domestic and overseas network, we help clients search for potential targets or strategic investors. Our financial analyst will develop a financial model to for valuation and synergy analysis to help you develop a strategy for pricing negotiations and ensure a reasonable ROI is achieved. We can also advise on various issues that should be considered in drafting the memorandum of understanding or letter of intent.

Due Diligence phase – We are able to carry out detailed financial and operational due diligence tailored to your specific needs.

Negotiation phase – Our extensive practical experience will provide clients with full support during the negotiation process. We can assist you in developing the deal structure and key negotiation tactics. Our experience with both European and North American cultures and effective communication skills will contribute to the success of the deal.

During the negotiation process, our clients are shielded from the sometimes emotionally tense discussions with the seller. Our experience negotiating transactions enables us to extract the best possible mix of pricing and terms. Our professionals are experienced and comfortable negotiating for the best possible outcome, but know when to compromise in order to ensure the deal happens. Meanwhile, the relationship between our client and the seller is unaffected, which is especially important during the transition period.

Deal closing phase – We will speed up the Deal Closing Process and Minimize the Burden on Management Time – In deal making, time is the enemy. Hazards, including economic changes or developments within our clients’ businesses or markets that can befall a deal with the passage of time. Therefore, the quicker the transaction and the greater the momentum we can foster, the lower the risk of failure to close.

Why First Key?

Industry Specialization:

First Key is an international business consulting firm (with Canadian headquarters) specializing exclusively on the brewing industry. Over the last 25 years we have provided a wide range of services to many brewing companies around the world. This dedication to a single industry has enabled us to develop a brewing industry knowledge base and global network of contacts unmatched by any of our competitors.

Independence and Objectivity:

First Key is purely a consulting firm, independent of any brewer or supplier to the brewing industry. As a “truly independent” consultant with absolutely no conflicts of interest or ties to interested groups or potential buyers, First Key is able to provide highly objective transaction advice with a genuine goal of maximizing the deal outcome for our clients. They value this independence and transparency as much as our deep industry knowledge and vast network of industry contacts. We believe these intangible assets and resources assets would serve you well to deliver maximum value from your acquisition plans.