Interim Staffing Services

Resources to fulfill a wide range of temporary staffing needs

When organizations require additional staff to support their activities, we can provide skilled personnel to work in a balance of on-site and off-site presence through either:

  • Short term secondment of First Key experts, followed by employee placement services and mentoring programs; or,
  • Technical services arrangement to provide on-going management support, staff training and operations manual documentation.

Examples include:

  • A qualified Brewmaster understands every step of the process, what needs to be accomplished and how the equipment enables him or her to get the job done. Almost anyone can make beer, but few know the proper procedures to make an exceptional beer efficiently. We can provide an Interim Brewmaster to develop new product formulations, provide recommendations for improving brewing procedures and plant operation, train and mentor a staff member, or locate a new Brewmaster for your brewery.
    First Key
  • We have supported our clients’ New Product Introduction by providing an Interim Marketing Manager to implement and oversee sales and distribution strategies, promotional plans, sponsorship procurement, media planning and monitor performance in the field.
    First Key
  • We can provide an Interim Operations Manager acting as a part-time advisor or complete onsite management to improve your cost competitiveness through progressive productivity improvements, modern product processing techniques, and superior brewing education and training.
    First Key
  • We have an Interim Packaging Manager available to provide engineering advice and on site technical support to assist with the installation of packaging machines, followed by a program of onsite training for all operators, supervisors and engineers who have ongoing involvement with the new line. We can also develop an instruction manual related to the format change of packaging machines, provide advice for new packaging design and source suppliers for packaging materials.
    First Key
  • We can provide an Interim Plant Manager to provide overall leadership and guidance for all technical and commercial operations including the development and implementation of new policies and procedures. This could include investigating new technologies and applications to improve processes, enhancing quality, safety and logistics programs and leading sales and marketing initiatives.