Supplier Support-Installations

“Sometimes you need an extra hand to get the job done”

Brewery equipment installations can be very difficult, and suppliers often find themselves
spread too thin or under-represented in certain regions. Inability to quickly and effectively
deliver and install your equipment can lead to friction between you and your customer, often
impacting your bottom line.

Equipment suppliers look to First Key when they need installation support on brewery projects.
Whether you just need temporary support during busy times, or if you need a long-term team
in a particular region, First Key’s brewery equipment installation specialists are a proven and
reliable solution for suppliers.

Examples of Services

Regardless of complexity or scope, our personnel work closely with suppliers to get installations
done right, on time, and on budget—anywhere in the world. We cover all areas of brewery
equipment installations, including:

  • Silo, Hopper, Mill, Conveyor & Associated Control systems
  • Hot Liquor Tank, Mash Tun, Lauter Tun, Wort Kettle, Boilers, Circulation, Pumps & Spent
    Grain-handling systems
  • Wort Chillers, Aeration systems, Fermenters, Yeast Handling, Cold Room, Bright Tanks & Filtration
  • Keg Stations, Bottling & Canning lines
  • CIP Systems & associated Pumps, Storage, and Control systems
  • All Piping, Cooling & Water Treatment systems
  • All Control & Electrical systems