Grow the Beer Category

The single most important thing the brewing industry can do is stand up and claim its rightful place. Well-respected industry groups around the world have recently expressed their deep concern for the overall decline in beer consumption versus other alcoholic beverages.

Although there is no other beverage, in fact no other food in the world, that is as versatile as beer and has played such an important role in history, we have observed that there is currently no body devoted to creating a unified campaign promoting the true nature of beer to consumers worldwide:

  • Beer can be enjoyed by itself, with food or as an integral ingredient in a recipe
  • Beer has been present on the earth longer than civilization and is one of the most natural beverages in existence
  • There is a beer for almost every occasion (quenching a thirst, a taste of adventure, a perfect accompaniment to a meal, a warming beverage on a cold day,…)
  • Beer has played an important and sometimes critical role in many world events (celebration, exploration, wars, religion…)
  • Beer has made significant contributions to developing science and technology (food safety, agriculture, medicine, refrigeration, steam power, …)
  • Beer has contributed to the arts (painters, writers, movies, museums, ….)
  • Beer is healthy

Many of you with long-term careers in the brewing industry must remember the moment when you became fully aware of the history, the possibilities, and benefits of beer on society and how it changed the course of your career. It is our experience that much of the public are not aware of this information. When they have the opportunity to hear it, they are amazed. And, when they learn about it, they are converts.

A concerted effort using newer approaches, at the category level, will be required to bring additional volume and margins to the brewing industry. There are approaches available using social media and consumer communications that can contribute to category expansion.

We would like to hear your ideas on how we can work together globally to grow the beer category.

Let’s start the conversation.