It’s tough work to grow a brewery. An endless flow of new competitors and a wide range of other issues pressure brewery managers daily. The winners – those breweries positioned to deliver superior shareholder returns over time – need to identify and execute a blend of strategies that will boost revenue, control costs and tap new processes and systems that will help sustain the results. That formula, however, can be very challenging to apply when managers lack the time or resources to step back and take a fresh perspective of their brewery. First Key offers a solution to address that challenge.

Our Value Creation Program is a structured three-step program to improve and sustain the financial results at your brewery

1. Opportunity Assessment

We will assess your brewery and identify specific recommendations that are focused on three key areas that impact profitability:

  • Cost reduction opportunities
  • Revenue enhancement opportunities
  • People, processes and systems improvements

2. Implementation

We work together with your team to implement the recommendations as seamlessly as possible using the principles and practices of change management.

3. Follow-Up Audits

We review the results post implementation to ensure the expected benefits are being realized. We will help the team address any gaps and provide guidance to ensure the results are sustained.

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