A structured program to unlock hidden value for your brewery.

Backed with over 30 years of industry experience, we know the best practices for breweries of all sizes and how to help our clients achieve their goals. Unlocking hidden value is a vital step toward enhancing the value of your brewery.

The Value Creation Program is a structured program to help your brewery identify, prioritize, develop and implement these new opportunities.

Our Methodology

Our methodology begins with an opportunity assessment. This assessment consists of a multi-point checklist focused on three strategic drivers of profitability and tailored to your scale and business model. We developed this checklist through our collective experience in breweries around the world and our knowledge and understanding of beer market dynamics and world-class manufacturing.

Opportunity Assessment

  • Revenue-enhancing opportunities
  • Cost reduction opportunities
  • Catalysts and supports


We will provide you with a benchmarked scorecard in the above three strategic drivers, which becomes the basis for a gap analysis and identification of fresh opportunities for your business.


We will analyze and discuss the scorecard and its implications with you, to generate and prioritize ideas. We will then generate a set of recommendations for implementation of the most impactful opportunities.

Implementation and Change Management

We will collaboratively devise change initiatives, generate organizational buy-in, implement the initiatives as seamlessly as possible, and generate repeatable model for future change efforts. You will also find that the scorecard becomes a key measurement tool for you to track progress across your company on an annual basis.

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